Verein: Camp Zikula 2009: Agenda is ready

Eingereicht von DemoUser am 20. Jun 2009 - 13:17 Uhr

Yesterday the first version (as usual, everything is subject to change) of the agenda for this years Camp Zikula [1] has been finalized. We think we found a good mixture of development, commercial and community topics including an unconference for everyone to participate.

As you all know the meeting will take place in Georgsmarienhuette, Germany, from Aug 14th to 16th. The preliminary list of participants from all over Europe can be found here [2]. We will record the meeting and upload the videos to Youtube soon after. During the Camp we will twitter [3] about what is going on so you can almost be there without leaving your chair. Of course a personal attendance is prefered :-).

There is still time to register [4] if you want and there are some free rooms available directly at the meeting place.

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